Sunday, February 7, 2016

12 Things I Want My Daughter To Know Before She Graduates From High School (From An Entrepreneurial Mom)

1. Never think you are better than anyone, you’re not. Everyone has an innate value, some people try harder than others, but never think your above anyone.  Be kind to everyone you meet, every person has something to offer the world!

2. Know your strengths and explore your weaknesses. Adapt and convert your weaknesses into your strengths.

 3. Study your butt off, pick a field that you love and master it. Learn everything you can about it. Never stop learning; add to the overall human understanding of your field.   Your passion for whatever you choose will push you through the hard times. There will be times where you want to give up, but you'll find the passion and fire inside of you to keep going.

4. Never think you need a significant other to take care of you. You are smart, funny, beautiful, and fully capable of ANYTHING you want.

5. Set goals and seek multiple paths of achievement. Make your goals will achieve it with the right attitude. Your mindset will lead the way.

 6. Start a business (big or small).  Being an entrepreneur will keep your passions alive. You don't need to be a full-time entrepreneur, just immersed long enough to experience the ups-and-downs of being your own boss.  It is an unbelievable frightening and fleeting at the same time. Being an entrepreneur will keep you grounded and grateful for everything you have.

7.Learn how to manage your time, money, and emotional capital.  Get good at prioritizing both the big and small ventures of your life.  Unlimited wants against limited resources; make decisions.

8. Make mistakes…again, and again; 
stay in the fight. I love you, but I can’t always be there to save you even though I'd do anything so you don't feel pain, you won't learn that way. Failure is part of success.

9. Know that you are loved no matter what. You'll always have a home and place to go if live throws you curve balls (which it will).

10. Love your family; we need you. Love your family and friends the way you want to be loved (I am stilling learning this, so please know there’s always room to grow).

11. Don't get married until you and your partner can communicate effectively, this is a work in progress for everyone, but it will make your marriage better.

12. Work hard and find a career that brings you to life, not one that sucks the life out of you! If that job doesn't exist…create it!

I love you my baby girl! Make BIG things happen for yourself! 

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