Monday, September 26, 2016

How to get picky eaters to eat: A step by step guide to make meal time more enjoyable for everyone

Food is everywhere and we want our kids to make healthy choices, think about these steps as you introduce food to your child. 

Step 1: Think  about what food you are eating on a daily bases. Do you eat the same things everyday? Kids learn by example so if we as parents only eat chicken, rice and beans, chances are your kids will do the same thing. If you are sticking to the same things, try to add one new food to your to routine. The more variety of food your child sees you eat, the more likely he/she will do the same.  

Step Two: Make an effort to cook put "adult" food on your child's plate. Do this for every meal. Research says that a person needs to see something 30 times before they try it. If you have a picky eater this could take up to 40 or 50 times. Keep putting the food on the plate, don't ask your child to do anything with it, just leave it on the plate. 
If you have separated plates this works well. 

Step three: a month off showing your child the same food, have them touch the new food. They just need to touch it for a second. Then they can eat the rest of their meal.

Step four: After two weeks of touching the new food have your child touch and kiss the food. Kissing the food, simply means putting the food on your child's lip. 

Step five: two weeks after that, have your child touch, kiss, and lick the food. 

Step six: Wait another two weeks and have your child touch, kiss, lick and take a small bite. The small can be called a baby bite, a fish bite... Be creative. Do this for two weeks.

Step seven: Finally have your child touch, kiss, lick, take a small bite and then a big bite. 

It will take a long to have your picky eater try something new, but try it this method, if you need help let me know.

Enjoy your new adventure

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